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Career Transition Partnership

We have been approved to provide our courses to the Ministry of Defence as part of the Career Transition Partnership (CTP).

The CTP have supported leavers of the Armed Forces for over 20 years, as they transition from the military into civilian life. Entitled Service personnel can access a range of allowances and grants as part of the resettlement process which help with vocational training and routes to employment.


Our courses specifically relate to Material Handling Equipment and First Aid. They are designed to support professional drivers in their journey into the world of work, or change of career, and to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and behaviours that will enable them to stay safe, keep others safe and understand the risks associated with the vehicle types they are allowed to operate. 










The units cover a diverse range of activities relating to the health and safety practices at work as well as the laws that would apply to someone in this work environment.

All qualifications are eligible for 8 UCAS points.

TLM acknowledges that students may have competencies, knowledge, and understanding not reflected in formal certifications.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is an evaluation process that allows a student to prove, through their prior non-certified accomplishments, that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to meet the assessment criteria for a unit without undergoing additional training.


Accreditation of Prior Learning Process

Accredited Prior Learning (APL) is achievable in three scenarios:

1. Students who have previously earned the same unit through another program are eligible for credit transfer.

2. Students who hold a recognised certificate within the RQF/QCF can claim that completed units are equivalent in content and demand to the units they want to attain and thus are eligible for equivalence.

3. Students who possess a recognised certificate outside of the RQF/QCF can request exemption from unit requirements based on the argument that their achievement is of equal or higher value. This is only possible if specifically noted in the program specifications and names the achievements eligible for exemption.

A recognised centre can make a request on behalf of the student if they believe one of these scenarios applies and have supporting evidence. APL can come from any awarding organisation or institution and does not need to be based on units from a TLM program. Credit transfer or equivalence can be achieved regardless of the source of the achievement.

How to Apply

Your Career Consultant or Client Services Advisor at your local CTP Resettlement Centre can advise you on vocational training opportunities with both the CTP and accredited Preferred Suppliers.

Contact the Course Booking and Information centre or click here for course information or contact the Course Booking & Information Centre to book your place on 01252 954 007.


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