Customer Care

- Course Summary

The course is 100% classroom based.

Please arrive early so we can carry out Identity & Licence Checks and Course Administration – including completion of registration form 


Welcome and Introduction

Ice breaking, introduction and objectives of the course, fair processing notice, day’s activities including course timetable, and ground rules including applicable aspects of Equality and Diversity. H & S Briefing & Regulation updates.

Powerpoint Presentation


Personal Prior Knowledge Review 

Printed copies of quiz for each attendee and pens if required.


Recording Systems

Correct use and legal requirements for driver and operator at commencement of shift.

Powerpoint Presentation, Video & Blank Tachos


Drivers Legal Obligations

Walk round check video (as appropriate for attendees PCV or LGV), correct use of defect recording (including Vehocheck) and EU/GB hours regulations.

Powerpoint Presentation & Video


Efficient Driving

Route Planning, Personal Health & Wellbeing

Powerpoint Presentation & Video


Customer Care

Health & Safety on board, appearance, holistic customer care approach including disability awareness, safe driving, personal health & wellbeing, incident reporting

Powerpoint Presentation, Pictorial Examples & Video


End of Day Routine

Completing shift and end of day routine




Discuss prior knowledge reviews against aims, objectives and outcomes


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