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Cyber Security for Mobile
Apps & Operating Systems

TLM Level 3 Certificate in Cyber Security for Mobile Apps & Operating Systems

The Level 3 Certificate in Cyber Security Principles is designed for a wide range of abilities and for people who require skills and competence in the broadband software functionalities.

Course Content (inclusive but not limited to:)

Unit 1  –  Fundamentals of Mobile Device Security

  • Understand the mobile environment and tooling for security

  • Understand common mobile security threats

  • Using the OWASP Top 10 to secure your systems

  • Navigating the threat landscape for mobile

Unit 2  –  Securing Mobile Operating Systems and Instrumentation

  • Understanding the principles of mobile development environments

  • Understanding how iOS handles security

  • Understanding how Android handles security

  • Instrumentation and Analysis

Click here for the full course specification 

Assessment methods will include Coursework, E-assessment, Portfolio of Evidence and will involve 75 hours guided learning with a total qualification time of 90 hours.

For more information or to book call 07769 920050 or send us an email.

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